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The exhibition «Beautiful Houses. Russian architectural Salon – 2017»

Russia Russia. Moscow

Development and design of the interiors of private and public buildings


Russia Russia. Moscow

Architectural and construction design


Russia Russia. Moscow

Architectural and construction company works successfully since 2014. We have united specialists of various professions: architects, sculptors, artists and engineers. We apply advanced technologies in design, construction, project management and supervision. Our company offers a full range of services in the field of architectural design, interior design, landscape architecture, sculpture, engineering, building expertise, construction, technical supervision of construction.

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The exhibition «Beautiful Houses. Russian architectural Salon – 2016»

Russia Russia. Moscow

Construction of frame houses


Russia Russia. Moscow

The interior design for private homes and apartments, interior decoration.


Russia Russia. Moscow

One of the oldest professional architectural studios, working in the Russian market since 1993. Traditional family approach to the customer meets the modern requirements for quality and terms of design. Since its establishing, the studio sold more than 150 works, including private and public interiors, residential, office buildings, etc.; many of them were published in leading professional architecture and design magazines. Group A + A is a part of Moscow Architectural Society, actively cooperating with architectural and design workshops from Italy, German engineering companies, is the prizewinner of numerous Russian and international competitions.

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