«Stone Salon 2021. Architecture, design, decor»

«Stone Salon 2021. Architecture, design, decor»

Dates: 24–27 October, 2019
Exhibition venue: Crocus Expo fairground (Moscow, Russia), pavilion 2, hall 7
Media-exhibition holding «Beautiful houses»
Official support: Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation, Union of Russian Architects, Union of Moscow Architects, Association stone industry of Russia «Center Stone»
General Media partner: Publishing house «Beautiful houses press»
General Internet partner: Architecture and building informative portal HOUSES.RU

From 24 to 27 October, 2019 the first specialized exhibition «STONE SALON 2019. ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, DECOR» will be held within the frames of the X International Architecture and Construction Exhibition «BEAUTIFUL HOUSES. RUSSIAN ARCHITECTURAL SALON» in the «Crocus Expo» Fairgrounds. The exhibition will display the best achievements of the leading Russian and foreign companies engaged in stone mining, processing and use in construction and design of residential and public environment. The fair will show all the types of natural and artificial stone, brick, facing slabs, mosaics, pavers, as well as stone products such as fireplace portals, interior decor, facade elements, sculptures and other small architectural forms and decorations. The «STONE SALON 2019» organizers aims to create a large-scale exposition, informative and interesting for both professionals and a wide private audience.

The «BEAUTIFUL HOUSES» exhibition gives roof to more than 300 participants — domestic architectural and design bureaus, so this new «STONE SALON» exhibitors will have a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services directly to the target audience: architects, designers, decorators, builders, artists, restorers, urban improvement servicemen. This direct practical cooperation between manufacturers and construction materials suppliers and architects and designers embodies one of the main objectives of the exhibition project «BEAUTIFUL HOUSES» and its new component «STONE SALON» — a comprehensive approach to creation of a beautiful, comfortable and functional architectural space. The «STONE SALON» fair is a cultural and practical center that focuses on meeting the world trends in construction and design with the use of both natural and artificial stone. «STONE SALON» is an important platform for promoting the culture of stone, with its vast opportunities implemented in architecture, design and decor.

Traditionally, the key sections of the «BEAUTIFUL HOUSES» exhibition are «RUSSIAN ARCHITECTURAL SALON», «INTERIOR SALON» and «WOODEN HOUSE. Autumn». That means that this single exposure covers such diverse areas as architecture, engineering equipment, interior design and decoration of country homes and city apartments, production of eco-friendly wooden constructions. Every year the fair visitors meet both new and already popular construction and engineering materials and equipment for houses, apartments, swimming pools and saunas, wellness-areas and spa zones, walls, roofs, facades, indoor makeover and decorating works and outdoor landscaping; together with realized objects and 3D-designs from famous architects and designers. The exhibition regularly hosts professional architectural contest «Beautiful Houses» and interior contest «Beautiful Apartments». Since 2017, the contest participants can compete in a new nomination — «The best project with use of stone». An extensive exhibition program includes symposia, B2B and B2C meetings, seminars, lectures, conferences, contests, shows and experimental installations.

«STONE SALON» will become an annual meeting place for representatives of numerous companies from Russia, CIS and many other countries, actively working in the field of natural stone, and their clients — representatives of stone mining and processing industries, architects, builders, designers, professionals in the field of urban planning and urban management, restorers, and etc. The exhibition will be attended by companies from leading countries of stone extraction and stone processing industry: Italy, China, Spain, Turkey, India and others, which underlines the high importance of the exhibition, as one of the most significant in the field of processing and consumption of natural stone. The main idea of the exhibition «STONE SALON» — show a constructive, decorative and universally significant potential of natural and artificial stone. The organizers aim to bring the stone culture closer to public to stimulate more modern interpretations of this ancient material.

Thematic sections

  • • Stone in swimming pools, wellness-zones and spa centers
  • • Stone in city construction
  • • Stone in landscape design
  • • Stone and open public spaces
  • • Stone in architectural facade decoration
  • • Mosaics
  • • Stone art
  • • Stone in interior and furniture
  • • Reconstruction and restoration
  • • Manufacture and sale of raw materials in blocks, slabs, tiles
  • • Care and preservation of natural stone
  • • Construction and installation companies

We heartily invite all the companies involved in mining, processing and use of natural and artificial stone of all kinds in the field of architecture, construction, design and restoration to take part in the exhibition «STONE SALON 2019. ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN. DECOR»!



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